Visualise your venue with bespoke seating plans

Visualise your venue with bespoke seating plans

Get savvy with reserved seating

Design your unique seating plan and enable your attendees to pick their favourite seats. Keep your fans on your website and delight them with a slick booking experience.

Reserved seating venue layout that works seamlessly on mobile devices.

Give the gift of choice

Allow your fans to choose their own seats on the go with our mobile optimised reserved seating software.

Streamline the booking experience to increase conversions and keep your fans happy.

Showcase your venue, any shape or size

Replicate your unique venue with bespoke layouts, seats, rows and tables.

The control is in your hands. Block out seats or popular areas and release them at a specific time to create hype around the launch.

Venue seating plan created with the Nutickets reserved seating software

Present your fans with a range of options

Ensure there’s something for everyone by creating custom ticket types and price bands.

Demonstrate the popularity of your events with live ticket sales. Watch the seats picked & disappear real-time.

One platform for all your tools

Create, manage and analyse your campaigns from your Nutickets dashboard with our add-on extensions.

Discover our most advanced features, yet.